Why choose your Surtees from Deegan Marine?

Surtees® Boats was born during the early 1990’s when Neil Surtees decided to design and build himself an aluminium boat to use for fishing off the Whakatane coast. When local people saw the finished product and the way it performed they were so impressed they asked Neil to build a boat for them.
As the fishing public saw more and more fishing boats the business continued to grow. Surtees now employs over 40 people building over 300 boats a year for the New Zealand, Australian and Pacific markets. Fishermen from all over the world recognise the high quality, stability, safety, and practical features of Surtees Boats.

When you purchase your new Surtees from Deegan Marine you are choosing to deal with a professional and experienced Dealership that also have a passion for fishing. This experience and understanding of the product helps us guide you through the process of purchasing the perfect Surtees package and options to suit your style of fishing or boating.
We offer quality products and options to enhance your new boat package making the process easier and more fun for you. Every new Surtees boat is water tested as part of our pre-delivery checklist and we also take the time needed at delivery to ensure you only need to concentrate on finding and catching the fish.

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