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Projecta Intelli-Start 12V Lithium Emergency Heavy Duty 1500 Amps Jumpstarter

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The Projecta Intelli-Start Lithium Emergency Jumpstarter and Power Bank is smartest heavy duty jumpstarter available. The very compact and lightweight IS1500 uses Rapid Recharge Technology to offer almost unlimited jump starting. This extremely powerful unit has 1500 peak amps with 550A clamp output to start most vehicles up to 6.0L diesel and 8.0L petrol.

Featuring Rapid Recharge Technology (RRT) the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery has the ability to rapidly recover charge from the vehicles alternator. By leaving the clamps connected to the vehicle battery the 1500A jumpstarter will be recharged to 100% of the original charge status within 40 seconds under normal conditions with a fully functioning alternator. Once the jumpstarter is fully charged the RRT will shut off avoiding overcharging.

This jumpstarter is designed to start vehicles that require a clamp output of up to 550 Amps to start their engine. Fully charged with 20 seconds of RRT the IS1500 can do 150 petrol or 26 diesel starts (without a battery) or 300 petrol and 144 diesel emergency jumpstarts (with flat vehicle battery, condition dependant). With 40 seconds of RRT the jumpstarter will not need to be recharged during the working day. However it is recommended that the IS1500 be charged on the dock when not in use to increase the battery life by 10-20%.

The IS500 jumpstarter is light and compact compared to conventional Lead Acid jumpstarters. With best in class over-mould material which provides secure grip and impact protection allowing users to operate the unit on the engine or starter battery.

High quality 4-cell 8Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate battery delivers instant starting power to petrol and diesel vehicles. The battery offers longer life, better power density and is inherently safer (compared to lead acid batteries and other Lithium Batteries e.g. Lithium Cobalt). It is certified to meet International Standard UN DOT 38.3.

A special circuit is added to prevent internal battery from leaking current. The user doesn''t need to worry about battery depletion over time. Simply put it has longer shelf life between recharging.

A slim and stable docking station is provided to allow the unit to be charged from a 240 Volt AC outlet.

Automatically stops charging when the battery is fully charged and initiates maintenance mode, keeping the battery fully charged ready for use. You can leave the unit on change indefinitely without the risk of overcharging. Using the docking station increases the life by 10-20%.

Prevents sparking from accidental reverse connection. Alarm sounds when jumpstarter clamps are connected incorrectly. If the alarm sounds check for reverse connection. Should the unit overheat by continuous or numerous jumpstarts, the unit will shut off automatically and restart once the over-temperature condition subsides.

The jumpstarter will deactivate and sound an alarm if connected to a vehicle battery which is higher than 14.6V, or if the internal battery is discharged to a level whereby the battery might be damaged. Monitor the jumpstarter''s charge level and display jumpstart status from the easy to read LED indicators and BATTERY STATUS button. Allows safe jumpstarting of vehicles with EFI (electronic fuel injection) and computer management systems.

  • Make: N/A
  • Year: 2022
  • Name: Projecta Intelli-Start 12V Lithium Emergency Heavy Duty 1500 Amps Jumpstarter
  • Price:
  • Condition: New
  • Sku/Code: BRO-IS1500
  • Warranty: Valid
  • Registration Expiry: N/A
  • Registration Number: N/A
  • Stock Number: N/A

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