The All-New Stabicraft Models Are Incoming

07 Jul 22

Ultimate versatility, stability and modernized designs have always been the banner of Stabicraft throughout its many years of boat craftsmanship. Their brilliant innovations have led to unique, futuristic boat designs that advocate for the balance between form and practicality. Unparalleled brilliance in the research and development of aluminium boat hulls has led to the birth of the Life Ring Protection design, a feature prevalent in Stabicraft boats that keeps the vessel on the surface even when filled with water. This feature also appears in their three latest boat releases, the 1850 and 2050 variants of the Supercab, and the Stabicraft 1550 Frontier.

The all-new 1850 Supercab design is a remastered version of a classic Stabicraft model, featuring new and futuristic designs reflective of the appearances of recently released boats. The design of the 1850 is a result of community feedback, and significant changes have been implemented to what was already a brilliant boat design. It is improved with a larger size, greater mileage and a massive interior that emphasizes comfort and space.

The 2050 Supercab is the fitting elder brother of the 1850 variant. It features the signature appearance of Stabicraft boats with its futuristic angles and curves. As a size upgrade to the 1850, the 2050 Supercab features a longer cockpit and gunnel length and is accompanied by an extended canopy that provides protection from the front and sides.

Lastly, the futuristic 1550 Frontier serves as a rework of a popular Stabicraft boat design. It serves as the ideal boat for fishermen and anglers who prefer an open boat for their fishing adventures. The small but effective frontier series is improved with unparalleled stability and is a versatile all-arounder that, with a skilled captain, can rule supreme over inland and offshore waters.